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Bathroom Tile Design

The right bathroom tile design can turn a regular old bath into a spa-like retreat. There are a variety of styles and options that appeal to a number of different tastes as well as a number of different budgets. Three common designs include the classic harlequin pattern, natural stones with marble accents and traditional tiles with splashes of patterns and colors. The harlequin pattern is a true classic. Basically, a tile design that boasts a harlequin motif is arranged as diamonds rather than squares.

The tiles tend to be a little longer and the pattern resembles a costume in a way. You can opt for this classic design in just about any combination of colors from earthy tones to bright reds. I personally like a harlequin bathroom design in black and white. The diamond shape of the pattern really yields well to the stark contrast of the extreme colors. The bath looks sparkling clean and shiny. Adding a chrome tub and shower tap to the mix will give the area a fresh, shimmering glow which is ideal for the bath area.

Some people are not too crazy about all of that shimmer and shine. Fingerprints and water marks can be real issues when using such materials on a daily basis. It is important to consider how much time you have to commit to polishing your bathroom before making a purchase. Natural stone tiles for the bathroom are perfect for those of us who dislike polishing away water marks. Adding a nice brushed stainless steel tub and shower faucet in the bathroom tile design would make the perfect accent to the natural stone. Those who want to spend a little more on the bathroom tile design can opt for beautiful marble accents that pull the whole look together.

Anyone who has shopped for bathroom tiles knows that some materials and patterns can be very expensive. You can work around this expense by using reasonably priced material as the foundation for your bathroom tile design. Add a little character and spark with more expensive tiles here and there. You get a rich look at a fraction of the cost. No matter what bathroom tile design you choose you probably want to consider investing in a professional for installation.

I know that you can save a lot of money by doing it yourself but you may find that you waste more time and material if you are not familiar with the process. Bringing your bathroom tile design to life is not a job for a novice.

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