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Being Accountable for Your Home Organization Goals

It is often quoted that the hardest part of any journey is taking the first step. And while I don't disagree with the sentiment of the statement, I would argue that making sure you don't stop too often along the way is just as important. It is easy to get sidetracked from your goals and home organization goals in particular. Because there is always something new coming into your home. More paper, more things, more toys, more books.

So how do you make sure that your home organization goals are met? Here are a few tips to help you along the way. Tell Someone Else About Your Goals One of the best ways to make sure that you stick to any goal in life is to tell other people about it. The more people you tell your home organization goals to, the more likely you are to stick to them. If you've told one person about that goal, that's one thing but if you've told 10, you just made it a whole lot more likely that you'll stick to that goal. Goals declared to others hold more weight. And it's even better if the people you told hold you to your goals.

So when you tell others about your home organization goals, ask them to bring up that issue every time you talk to them. That way, they will be constantly reminding you of what you declared you wanted to accomplish. Just don't get upset with them when they do this for you. Form a "home organization support group." Declare your goals to each other and hold a weekly meeting to hold each other accountable for your goals.

This will also allow you to support each other along the way. If one of you had a bad week, you can talk to each other about it and help each other figure out what went wrong. Having a support system like this can also help you reinforce your own commitment to getting and keeping your home organized. Make Your Goals Clear And Specific The more specific you make your home organization goals, the easier it is to make sure they happen.

Instead of saying "I want to organize my kitchen", say "I will organize my pantry on Wednesday night of this week." The more specific you get, the better. Setting specific actions rather than general goals makes it easier to make sure you do what you know you need to do.

Make sure you include timeframes and deadlines for yourself. If you know you want to get your pantry organized but don't set a specific deadline for getting it organized, it will be easier to ignore it. If you know that you want to get it organized by the end of the week and set a deadline of that date, you're more likely to take action to get it accomplished.

Jill Seader is an organization professional with over 10 years of organizing experience. She puts that experience to work for you at YourHomeIsOrganized.com with home organization tips, techniques, products and services.

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