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Choosing the Right Flooring

Area rugs help to redecorate and enhance the beauty of a furnished house. The best way suggested by interior designers is to select the rugs as per your choice and then to purchase window treatments and paint matching the color and theme of the area rugs chosen. Area rugs are a cost-effective alternative to the comparatively costlier wall to wall extending carpets.

Varieties of area rugs with different qualities are available in different shapes and textures. They are available in various shapes and sizes and it is for you to select the one that is most appropriate for your room. Whether you are planning to give finishing touches and decorate a new room or arrange for better comforts in a not so new room, the best way is to choose the most appropriate area rugs as these have an impact on the mood and character of a room. Therefore decide on your choice of colors and mood and measure the area of your room to find out the size of the area rug needed. Then considering the cost and the varieties of area rugs available buy the most appropriate one that suits your room. In fact the suggestion given by interior designers is to start the selection of area rugs with the one best suited for the front door.

The very idea is that you will naturally pay more attention as this rug is going to be the first impression to anyone entering your house. This decision will ultimately make it easy for you to select area rugs for other rooms. Another thing that adds to the beauty of the house is flooring. Generally people prefer hardwood floors as the wood floors are durable and very beautiful. These hardwood floors are a boon to those suffering from allergies as these can be very easily cleaned so that they are free from pollen or other allergy causing substances.

The hardwood floors once laid need not be replaced often. It is also very easy to clean hardwood floors. It is enough to wipe the floor with a damp cloth and a household cleaner. Compared to carpets these accumulate lesser dust and are easier to clean. There are umpteen choices of wood for hardwood floors like cherry, birch, oak, pine etc.

Another advantage with hardwood floors is that they are suitable for any type of decoration whether it is traditional or contemporary. Hardwood floors are very beneficial as the flooring is made of natural wood and if proper care is taken they will last for a lifetime. Nothing keeps a room warm like wood.

There are hundreds of colors and styles of wood floors available to suit the needs of buyers. Earlier hardwood floors were not advised in bathrooms and basement areas fearing that the wood might be damaged due to moisture. But now acrylic impregnated woods and wood laminates are available and these are laid to give natural look of wooden floors to bathrooms and kitchens.

Sweeping these laminated floors everyday and mopping them with damp cloth occasionally is sufficient to keep these floors clean and neat.

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