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Dirt Devil Reaction Review The Pros and Cons

The manufacturer complains that Reaction is Dirt Devil's newest and most advanced upright vacuum. Its dirt separation technology, a filterless dirt cup and washable HEPA filter is a conscious improvement on the previous model, a Dirt Devil Vision Light. Customers who are satisfied with the Dirt Devil Reaction compare it with the Dyson DC14. Several note that the Dirt Devil Reaction is easy to assemble out of the box, requiring only a Phillips screwdriver to tighten three screws. They speak highly of Reaction's powerful suction, the lifetime HEPA filter's efficiency as well as that of the spin brush attachment that cleans stairs so well, its quiet operation, its ease of cleaning and its long cord. One customer admired the vacuum cleaner as visually satisfying, since the dirt can be seen spinning around in the dual chambers.

"Maintenance free and easy to use" is about the highest evaluation any vacuum cleaner can earn. When customers regret their decision to purchase a Dirt Devil Reaction, they complain that it gives off an unpleasant scent when first used, about the weight of the vacuum cleaners, the high noise level, the inconvenient location of the on/off power switch; that the vacuum cleaner works poorly on hard wood floors; that the short vacuum hose that's too short to manipulate handily; and that the brush roller crushes light particles without removing them. Some owners find this vacuum incompatible with children's detritus; others, with animals'.

"My house was actually dirtier after I used this thing than before" was about the greatest condemnation of a vacuum cleaner any owner could offer.

For more vacuum cleaner comparisons, please visit: Vacuum Cleaner Reviews a website that specializes reviewing all brands of vacuum cleaners including the Dirt Devil Reaction

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