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Fauxwood Plantation Shutters Selections

A very important factor when selecting any window treatment that is usually not taken into consideration by designers and interior decorators is the upkeep and maintenance necessary in order to keep the product looking attractive and enhancing. Therefore, it is relevant to insist on a product that will facilitate its upkeep after the newness has worn out. Improper upkeep of the product can literally undo the ambience that it was originally meant to create in a specific setting and also diminish the effect that other furnishings should bring into the room. This one of the reasons why plantation shutters made of fauxwood materials have become so popular and the demand for these fauxwood plantation shutters is expected to continually increase.

In addition to the fact that fauxwood plantation shutters replicate the look of real wood when properly installed, is the ability to wash them without fear of damaging the PVC material when using regular household cleaning agents. Unlike wood and other materials which require the end user to adhere to specific cleaning instructions, fauxwood plantation shutters have truly become a low maintenance product yet able to add an expensive look and save money in the process. Even when dirt has accumulated due to lack of regular cleaning, fauxwood plantation shutters easily clean up without fear of hurting the finish.

Under the same conditions, wood shutter with a painted or stained finish would require careful cleaning in order to avoid permanent damage that could affect the overall appearance of the shutter and require professional attention or replacement. In short, fauxwood shutters are more resistance to wear and tear that natural wood plantation shutters in both the short and long run. Fauxwood plantation shutters can normally be wiped clean by the use of a damp cloth without the use of any harmful, expensive household cleaners for the non-porous finish of fauxwood has a tendency not to absorb and grime or dirt thus minimizing the risk of damage to the shutter and prolonging the appearance and usefulness of the shutter.

Plantation shutters have been designed to not only provide a certain decorating look but also to minimize maintenance time and effort. Many materials in the home or office are dust attractors and collectors - plastic surfaces and television screens are two of the biggest culprits. Certain window treatments are made of plastic materials which attract dust and if these treatments are made up of many different surfaces, the collection of dust can be accelerated which results in the detriment of the sharp look originally present when the product was first installed. Also the surroundings can adversely affect the desired "clean look". Take for example a window blind in a kitchen setting which exposes the product not only to dust in the air but also to grease which will cause the blind to be coated with a dirty film not as easily removed as dust alone.

In most instances, it is necessary to completely remove the blind and soak it for hours in a cleaning solution and then each individual slat needs to be singularly wiped to insure complete removal of the grime. If the slat material is natural wood, the painted or stained finish will suffer degradation and will shorten the life of the product. Fauxwood plantation shutters have the ability to be tilted and adjusted to allow a moderating amount of light into a room. While it is true that wood blinds do block less of the window, while the shutters are in the windows, it is quite easy to turn the shutters out, based on their high quality hinges, and move them to cover none of your views. This is unique in the window treatments industry, and the plantation shutters thus take a special advantage over basswood blinds in their ability to be moved entirely out of the view.

If the shutters need to come down to be cleaned, the hinges also allow them to be removed without major construction. This also allows for easier access to cleaning the windows, which blinds do not permit as easily. Unlike blinds, fauxwood plantation shutters are cleaned easily because of their physical design and need not be removed in order to clean, thus saving the end user a lot of work and time. In summary, fauxwood plantation shutters are able to create the desired environment with a minimum of maintenance and a longevity not found in many other window treatments.

The process of selecting window treatments has been simplified by the many writings by Judith Persit, interior decorator specializing in window coverings. Ms. Persit writes about fauxwood plantation shutters. When choosing plantation shutters consider a visit to her website to learn more.

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