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Flat panel TV accessories

A multitude of accessories are available to make your flat panel viewing experience more enjoyable. Antenna and Tuner The first thing you will need is a TV antenna, used to amplify, clarify, and optimize the signal for your TV. After all, you want to view more than a TV signal, right? If so, make sure to get a tuner. Cables Cables are another necessity for your flat panel TV.

Often, cables are not bundled with your components, which include a source for the TV/video signal, and an audio signal. This means you will need to buy the cables separately. And please, spend the few extra bucks to upgrade your cheaper cables. Your power and signals going in and coming out of your components will reward you by being stronger and steadier.

Speakers Do you want to make viewing your flat panel TV more like a night out at the movie theater? If so, you should consider purchasing speakers and subwoofers to create stereo sound. What a way to boost your TV viewing experience! You will feel like you are right in the middle of the action! Universal Remote Wow! With all the components hooked up to your flat panel TV, you are bound to have at least three remote controls floating around. And honestly, can you keep straight which remote goes to which device? Investing in a Universal Remote Control would be an excellent idea. Universal Remote Controls allow you to program for several components on one remote.

Now your VCR, your DVD, your cable, your satellite, and anything else you might have hooked up to your flat screen TV will work from one remote. What is the best part of only having one remote? No more fumbling around with remotes or searching for remotes under couches, chair cushions, and in the garbage! Wall Mounting Some people choose to mount their flat panel TVs on their wall. To do this, you need to have mounts and braces. An attractive feature of some of the mounts is that they allow your flat screen TV to turn or swivel. Now you can watch TV from any seat in the family room! Other people prefer to use special flat screen furniture, such as TV stands, carts, trolleys, or shelves to set up their home viewing area.

These types of options do double-duty. The keep your home theater neat and organized, and provide additional storage for the other devices that are hooked up to your TV, not to mention storage for DVDs, CDs, etc. Surge Protector With such expensive and delicate equipment at the mercy of any storms or power surges that may come through your house, you will want to invest in a good surge protector. The more expensive surge protectors may even protect your dial-up connection, your DSL connection, or your cable connection.

You will be able to leave the house and not worry about unexpected surges frying your electronic devices. Screen Protector While flat panel TVs provide an excellent viewing experience, there are a few drawbacks. One is that the screens are delicate and pricy to replace.

Another drawback is that the flat panel screens often cause glare and eyestrain to people who sit in front of them for many hours at a time. Luckily, there is a fix for these problems. You can purchase a screen protector to prevent damage to the screen and reduce eyestrain. Some screen protectors will even blur the screen from a certain angle to keep prying eyes from seeing whatever is on the screen.

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