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Home Decorating With Ornamental Curtain Rods

Window treatment hardware consists of the ornamental and functional components that turn plain curtains and drapes into beautiful and decorative window coverings. Curtain rods and hardware are offered in a variety of styles that include wood, metal, iron, ceramic, and even glass. More about the decorative curtain rods In the world of home decorating, window coverings are like icing on a cake.

These finishing touches of color, texture, and design set a mood, reflect your personal style, create a feeling or mood, and impact the environment where you live, work, and play. A person looks for privacy, light control, function, and style. Privacy: If so, then you want to consider a window covering that offers complete coverage.

Some examples are lined curtains or draperies, fabric or roller shades, mini blinds or wood shutters. Avoid sheer curtains, unless you layer it over a shade for nighttime privacy. Light Control: If so, you will also want to consider an opaque window covering like heavy draperies, shades, or blinds. Light-blocking curtains will also protect your rugs, furniture, and artwork from UV rays; however to prevent the curtain itself from breaking down; consider layering it over a non-fabric shade. Function: Some decorative window treatments, like valences and cornices, are designed to stay permanently in place, while sheer panels, blinds, and shades are more functional. If you have children or pets it is also important to consider the potential hazards of floor-length curtains or shades with non-breakaway cords.

Function will also determine the type of window hardware you will need to purchase. Style: Color, fabric choice, and style of curtain help create a desired living or entertaining environment, as well as reflect your own personality. Decorative or unique rods and hardware can dress-up simple curtains. There are endless choices when it comes to style.

Look for ideas in home decor magazines or online and then apply your personal creative touch. There are several types of curtain rods, including: Tension or pressure rods are used inside of window frame and held in place by the pressure of a spring inside the rod. This rod does not use mounting brackets and screws, and therefore does not damage the woodwork. Cafe rods are used for hand-drawn window treatments, usually with rings or tie-tab curtains.

Sash rods use shallow mounting brackets so window treatments hang close to the glass. Finials are decorative hardware that embellishes the ends of drapery rods. A bracket supports rods at each end, and also in the center of extra long rods.

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