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House Price Slowdown Good For DIY

Recently the news has all been about the UK housing slowdown. The nationwide has been reporting drops in average prices, property experts advising that prices could drop by up to 40%. Rightmove have also been reporting a slowdown in house purchases. Just to put the house buying sector into perspective a Sheffield Removal Firm reported that in 2007 they averaged 80 home moves each week.

Now the Home Removal firm averages 20 moves a week. The Mortgage Squeeze and the tightening of Buy to Lets means that there won't be as many home buyers who will be wanting to improve their new property. Does this mean that there will be a slow down in the DIY sector? Many sector experts feel that as more and more people are thinking about staying in their home long term instead of moving they will be thinking more about improving their existing homes. Whether it is improving their kitchen or bathroom with complete re-fits or indeed just changing the odd kitchen door or handles to maybe just changing the shower doors, it is well know that us Brits like to have a home looking pristine for guests. So if house prices do indeed come down it is widely accepted that although there may be a small slowdown in DIY the attitude of "Improve Don't Move" is coming into prevalence.

The DIY market is a very competitive market so there are bargains to be had everywhere, particularly in the online stores, where huge discounts are to be had.

Ray Dobson is managing director of WDBathrooms.co.uk UK Bathrooms and Showers specialists. For more information on a wide range of walk in showers visit http://www.wdbathrooms.co.uk

Condo Living

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