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Lower Landscaping Costs With A Stumpgrinder

Homeowners and business owners who deal with trees, and a lot of them, can often find themselves in need of a stump grinder. But considering it's such a specialized piece of machinery, many don't know how to go about picking one out. Nor, do they realize the value of searching for a used stump grinder to do the job. Generally, those who need stump grinders for commercial purposes go for large machines that must also be towed.

They are meant to quickly burn through wood and enable the fast removal of trees and stumps. Whether it's a single-tree job or an entire construction site that needs clearing, getting rid of the stump is important to create a level ground to work on later. This is where a stump grinder comes in handy. Small landscaping companies, too, can benefit from having grinders along with their mowers and edging equipment, but here a more portable version might come into play.

Landscapers that work in states where trees can be an issue during storm seasons can sometimes even boost their business by having a grinder around to help them do a little more than the typical cut and trim. For the homeowner, a small, more portable version of a stump grinder will generally serve the purpose well. These can be as effective as their large commercial counterparts and are sometimes even used by the pros as well. The advantage to the smaller grinders is the fact they don't require towing, which can save a lot of transport money. Plus, they are a bit easier to handle, coming in at under 100 pounds typically. Looking for a used stump grinder is a good way for a big company to supplement its machinery or even for a homeowner with a lot of trees to tackle an occasional job without having to hire out a pro.

The catch is finding a good grinder, for a fair price and making sure it works, too. Here's where a little common sense and smart shopping come into play. When looking for a used grinder, know first the kind you need. If the idea is to augment a commercial line up of machines, you probably are already familiar with makes and models. The homeowner, however, might want to do some studying up.

Typically, a homeowner will not require anything more than a portable grinder, but knowing what's out there and what pros consider a good machine can ease the search. After checking into some names, searching for a used grinder can, of course, be done in industry publications or classified ads, but the Internet is often one of the best places to go. What you'll want to look for are the machine's you're interested in, listed at decent prices from current owners who are willing to answer questions about the machine and even allow an inspection prior to purchase. If pre-inspecting, ask to see a demonstration of the model.

Make sure it does the job efficiently and is easy enough for you to handle. If it's too big, or doesn't perform as it should, it's probably not a good buy. A stump grinder can be a great addition to a yard work arsenal and it can serve businesses well, but a good machine can cost a lot of money.

This is where a good used stump grinder can come in handy.

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