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Master Bedroom Makeovers Some Remodeling Ideas

If you have a large enough space, a great deal can be achieved if you decide on giving your master bedroom a makeover. If you currently use your bedroom only for sleeping, this can be a waste when you consider that it can be used for so much more - such as relaxing, reading or listen to music. In places such as France and Italy, the master bedroom has always had a more sensual feel to it.

The main aspect of change if you remodel your master bedroom will be in respect to the color scheme and you can achieve this by using shades of red, cream and peach.

The addition of oval mirrors can help create beautiful reflections when candles are placed close to them. Try using a number of mirrors in areas that will reflect the light supplied by candles and maybe add a few plants. This can create shadows that will give your bedroom an air of mystery.

You will need to ensure that you have sufficient light to read by and this can be achieved by placing a reading lamp on a table next to the chair but make sure the lighting is not so strong so as to spoil the sensual effect. To achieve the best effect in a room for reading, look towards the softer shades of ivory, amber and slate blue. When you are remodeling you master bedroom to create a room which looks like a retreat, beautiful throws, cushions (or pillows) and mirrors will achieve the desired look.

Another pleasant master bedroom decorating idea is to add something that shows your love for your friends and family such as photographs displayed in an antique brass frame. To create a room where you will feel relaxed and have a good nights sleep then you will need to use darker shades of brown and blue, natural woodland and forest colors also work well.

For those people for whom space is not an issue when they remodel their master bedroom, why not add a few extra touches like a small desk to write on and perhaps some music to listen to. Small refrigerators in wooden cabinets are also becoming a popular addition along with tea or coffee making facilities in the same way that most hotels have. Remodeling you master bedroom just requires a little imagination as these are only a few ideas for a room that should suit your needs and become a place you enjoy spending time.


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