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The Chicago Metropolitan area in northeastern Illinois is the area closely linked with the city through cultural, social, economic ties. The Chicago Metro area is sometimes grouped together with Milwaukee and Racine in Wisconsin creating a megalopolis, gradually spreading toward nearby urban center like Rockford, South Bend and Benton harbor in Southwest Michigan. Chicagoland is an informal name for Chicago metropolitan area used primarily by copywriters, advertising agencies, and traffic reporters.

There is no precise definition the term. It was popularized by the Chicago Tribune, the dominant newspaper in a vast area stretching to the west of the city, and the rest of the area was closely tied to the metropolis by rail lines. The suburbs have been expanding at a tremendous rate since the early 1960’s. People from all over the nation are relocating to this area. They are moving there for employment opportunities in Naperville, a “boomburb” is ranked as the third fastest growing county in the US. New residents are moving in every day Naperville had the lowest poverty rate of any U S city with a population greater than 100,000 Settlement patterns in the Chicago Metropolitan area tend to follow those in the city proper.

From the more affluent along the shore of Lake Michigan to the Southland being less so, with lower median incomes and a lower cost of living. Chicago’ West side is among the poorer section. Median home prices run in to high six figures with Hinsdale, Oakbrook with median home prices in the 1 million to 2 million dollar range. Cicero however has low income levels and lower cost of living. Transportation consists of 3 major airports, Chicago Midway International, Chicago O’Hare International and Gary Chicago International Airport. The ‘Chicago “l” commuter rail serves Chicago and the near suburbs.

The Metra has 11 lines serving the area and as far out as Kenosha, Wisconsin. The south shore Line hares the Metra electric lines and connects Chicago to Gary, Michigan City, and ending at South Bend, Indiana. Interstate’s 90, 290, 94, 294, 88, 65, 55, 355, 57 and 80 bring scores of people relocating to the area and keep the immigration moving along. In addition to the Chicago Loop, the metro area is home to a few important sub regional corridors of commercial activities including the Illinois Technology and Research Corridor, along the Ronald Reagan memorial Toll way and the Golden corridor along the Northwest Toll way.

The city has been rated as having the most balanced economy in the US, due to a high level of diversification. Some of the largest employers include over 66 Fortune 500 companies such as The Boeing Company, Sara Lee, Walgreen’s, Motorola, Caterpillar, Sears, State Farm Insurance, Allstate, Deere, Mc Donald’s, Aon, Office Mac, USG and the Tribune company. The cit h hosts four major financial and futures exchanges including the Chicago Stock Exchange, the Chicago Board of Trade, the Shigao Board of Options Exchange and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Headquartered in the Chicago area are several medical products and services companies such as Baxter, Abbott Laboratories, and the Health care Financial Services division of General Electric. The diverse cultural community includes a 10 acre Museum Campus and an abundant performing arts scene.

Theatre companies and Broadway musicals, Orchestra, ballet, Opera and more. The skyline is as familiar as the New York skyline but it boasts the world tallest. Historic high rise buildings grace the skyline such as the Chicago Board of Trade Building and the Merchandise Mart. The tallest building in the US, the Sears Tower is located here. The 60602 zip code was named the hottest zip code in the county with many upscale buildings. The Chicago Temple/First United Methodist Church boasts a 22 story skyscraper surmounted by a steeple 568 feet above street level, making it the tallest church in the world.

Chicago gives tourist a trip to remember. Shopping is luxurious and plentiful along the Magnificent Mile, Navy Pier and large shopping malls scattered throughout the city. Many fine dining restaurants give Chicago it glamorous aura There e are prestigious medical facilities such as Rush University Medical Center and Chicago is home to some of the country’s finest medical schools. Those seeking training and employment in health care are relocating and moving to Chicago each and every day. Since the 1890’s Chicago has been a focal point for excellent higher education. The University of Chicago, Northwestern University, DePaul University, Roosevelt University, (which was founded on the principles of social justice) was named in honor of President Franklin D Roosevelt.

The Illinois institute of Technology offers renowned engineering and architecture programs and the Association Chicago Theological is made up of 11 accredited theological schools representing Catholic and most Protestant denominations. Chicago’ elite art programs complete the higher education opportunities. The School of Art Institute of Chicago and the American Academy of Art are know for fine art programs and have artists from around the world relocating to the area.

Relocation can be very stressful without a plan. It may be cost effective and frustration effective to employ a firm to assist. Moving is a stressful, exhausting, and sometimes overwhelming project for most people.

Moving or relocation firms assist with the entire process of moving a family, an individual, or a household. They are listed in conventional yellow page listing under the category of movers and on the Internet. There are locator pages for these firms that find listings by zip code in the “from” and the “to” locations. It is possible to go online and search the sites that are listed as “move me” Moving professionals will assist in packing and unpacking, but much more, putting you in touch with the right people to making sure your power and phones are working.

Professional moving firms bring patience and discernment to your relocation. They even help separating items for the move, for donation, or even setting up a moving sale before you move. Whether you are physically there for the move of whether they act as your representative, they have done it all. Senior citizens downsizing and families moving into a larger space would be benefited by such service. This can help to remove the emotional, traumatic and physical demand inherent in moving and most of all provide support during this otherwise stressful time. Relocation firms will personalize the move in a most efficient manner that will make the transition much smoother without the problems often incurred in the moving process.

Many of these professionals offer flexibility, patience and most of all the great sense of humor to the relocation experience. Simplifying your move to Chicago can begin by sitting down with the relocation or moving professional. Many offer a complimentary consultation and will strive to get to know the client and to understand the client’s needs.

The primary goal of this service would be to: Establish a well thought out plan for the move. Laying out a floor plan that makes the move logical and sequential. Giving the client all the resources needed from realtor estate firms and appraiser, from new banks to handy men services. 4 to 6 months in advance contact a moving professional and start the assisted relocation process. This is also a good time to start a “Moving” file to keep all of the records and receipts in one handy location. Select a realtor to sell your home and purchase the one.

Then contact a mortgage lender and an attorney for closing. 3 months before moving day is the time to get estimates from professional movers and select one. The relocation specialist will help make a floor plan sketch of the new home and furniture placement for the movers. 2 months before moving day If you have furniture that needs to be repaired of reupholstered, send it out now and have it delivered to you new home in Chicago 1 month before moving day the relocation service will contact the utility companies to transfer service, discontinue service, or initiate new service. Transfer newspaper and magazines deliveries. Arrange to discontinue all regular service such as lawn service and snow removal.

Begin to scale down by holding a garage or estate sale. Donate unsold items to you favorite charity. The moving firm will order boxes and materials.

They will do the packing of items you will not need until after your move. They will also arrange to have the present home cleaned after you have vacated. 3 days before moving day defrost the refrigerator and freezer and leave the doors open Pack a suitcase to help you through the move. Include 2 changes of clothing, nightwear, toiletry and medication.

Moving day the professionals will be at your house to greet movers and oversee the move. The firms will direct the moving company to the new home and supervise the unloading directing the movers on furniture placement. Copyright (c) 2007 Kamyar Shah.

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