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Moving To Scottsdale Arizona Best Place To Live In the America

No decision will be received with a warmer welcome than moving to Scottsdale, Arizona. The year round pleasant climate, friendly people, safety, business growth and cultural activity gives an excellent quality of life for those who love sunshine and the great outdoors. Scottsdale Arizona has many comparative decorations given by societies and individuals.

In 1993 it was voted as the most livable city in the U.S. Conference of Mayors. The 2002 Robb Report called Scottsdale the best place to live for golf.

Scottsdale features in the list of the most desired real estate in the U.S. If you want to relocate to Arizona for a job, there are many opportunities. Many major high tech companies, Banks Insurance Companies are established in Scottsdale and the hospitality business is always booming with an ever present crowd of vacationers. Small business financing is easily obtainable. The chamber of commerce in Scottsdale provides advice, advocacy, networking and education for the start up business person.

For children, the Scottsdale Unified School District Foundation is one of the best run school systems in the country. Health care is available in abundance in Scottsdale. They world renowned Mayo Clinic is situated in Scottsdale.

The Scottsdale healthcare foundation has three hospitals- the Osborne Hospital, the Shea hospital and the Thomson Peak hospital which have all specialty treatment centers. The police department is known for its efficiency. The police also offer many programs for communities to be involved with the community's safety. There are many art galleries and art shows for the artist and art lover alike .

Music performances often take place in Scottsdale. For those who enjoy learning in their spare time, there are cooking, dance, fitness, and relaxation classes available. For sports fans Scottsdale and its surrounding towns have some important tournament, contest or game going on all year through.

Golf is a major game in Scottsdale. Not only can you learn the game at high class PGA standard golf schools but you can play at some of the most scenic and well kept golf courses in the country. There are many cultural activities like rodeos and performing arts on all through the year. Senior citizens have many forms of entertainment, quality health care and the opportunity to spend their sunset years in a sunny climate. There are many senior facilities and gated communities with inbuilt state of the art health care. All these facilities are available but when you are new in town you need time to adjust.

Renting a home in Scottsdale till you are comfortable with the lifestyle and can buy yourself a home is a step in the right direction. You can rent homes in all sizes from villas to cabins. You can look around the neighborhoods before deciding on a home to buy without any rush while living in a rental home.

Renting a home when you relocate relieves you of the worries of maintenance and a high property tax. Relocating to Scottsdale Arizona is making a decision to lead a happy life with a warm people in a sunny climate. Getting adjusted to Scottsdale by living in a rented home will help you ease yourself into this exotic desert lifestyle. Copyright (c) 2008 Chad Sullivan.

Chad Sullivan has been involved into helping people located to Arizona for many years. visit his website http://www.sunbeltvacations.com He is also a Real Estate broker and can help get you the best deals on houses. Stay in his house(s) while you find yours. Moving To Scottsdale, Arizona - Best Place To Live In the America

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