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Nice Apartments Need Nice Laundry Facilities

Apartment or condominium management, though not always easy, is a clear-cut job. You need to ensure happy residents, keep full rental units, and keep the cash flow coming in. When a couple is looking for their next condominium or upscale apartment and they have found yours, you want to ensure that you offer them the best of everything. Picture this: You make sure the lawn is manicured and the grounds have lush landscaping. As a new couple approaches the building, it is apparent that the design plan gives off a peaceful feeling and instills a sense of homecoming.

The apartment carries that same feeling with its great floor plan, a roomy and well-lit kitchen filled with top of the line appliances, and extras such as high-speed Internet access. They seem content and are ready to sign the lease? until they see the community laundry room. Being the manager and the one in charge, you very much dread showing them the laundry area that is so outdated no one would want to use it. It's a Saturday, so the laundry room is full to the brim with people.

Every machine is occupied. Mr. Friendly over there is cussing at the machine which just stole his money, and several women are bickering over their place in line for the dryers. This is enough to ruin the deal. While leaving the laundry room the couple runs for their car shouting, "We'll let you know what we decide.

" They don't come back. There must be something that can be done to change this. Change the scenario to include displaying the laundry room and other features in a more positive light. A state of the art Clothes Care Center is a huge selling point for all your prospective tenants, utilizing both coinless and cashless system options. Machines are accessed with a "smart card" system instead of coins.

With an AccessCard residents will not have to worry about always having enough quarters to complete their laundry. With the help of a credit or debit card, it is possible for the user to add value to the AccessCard whenever they want to. Residents can purchase the prepaid Access Cards at any time convenient to them. The pre-pay AccessCards system has proven to be beneficial to both businesses and residents. Because there is no visible source for cash, the laundry area is safer and deters people from wanting to break-in and do acts of vandalism. These coinless machines are loaded with additional hi-tech features.

LaundryAlert allows residents to use their personal computers or cell phones to check the status of washers and dryers. Residents can check on washer and dryer availability, request notification when machines become available, and even receive email alerts when their laundry is complete. Being able to enhance your residents' laundry experience will definitely seal the deal.

Advancements in technology can also help organize your business and keep track of your cash flow. Accountability statements make sure that all profit is accounted for so that you can be confident in the precision of the commission checks. Lots of people offer laundry room service, so you'll need to see which company comes out on top with a side-by-side comparison. Choose a company that has good customer service, new technology, great repair service, and detailed revenue information.

Joann Charamuga, experienced in property management has four apartment buildings and two condominiums under her supervision. Knowing the importance of community commercial laundry, the only commercial laundry equipment she keeps in her facilities comes from Web Laundry Service. With Web Laundry, she knows that her residents will be well taken care of.

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