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Outdoor Furniture for your Cottage Garden

A blooming cottage garden is a show stopping garden. It has a natural whimsical feel and it picks the interest of all its visitors with the desire to identify the different intricately placed plants. The cottage garden is a collection of bountiful blooms that give an ever-changing feel over the growing seasons. Although the most of the cottage themed garden is away from the street, there some hints in the front yard of the back yard treasure.

A cottage garden is one of the easiest gardens to maintain as it has a natural feel. There is however a fine line between a well kept cottage garden and a garden jungle. Maintenance of your cottage garden includes regularly inspecting the garden and pulling volunteer tree seedling. Keep the plants that spread at an invasive rate under check. Every time you walk your garden, carry pruning shears to keep your plants dead headed to encourage blooming. Once the perennials are spent and done with their blooming cut them back when they are no longer attractive.

One of the best ways to enjoy your garden is by sitting on outdoor patio furniture in your backyard. Invest in nice outdoor patio furniture. Shopping for outdoor patio furniture can be a challenge as well because of the wide variety to choose from.

Outdoor patio furniture can be made from aluminum, which is lightweight and allows you to move your furniture around as needed. The type of outdoor patio furniture comes with fabric padding in all different colors and designs. Some outdoor patio furniture is made from aluminum mesh; this resembles wrought iron but doesn't need the same maintenance that the iron needs. There is also patio furniture made of cast aluminum. This is heavier than regular outdoor patio furniture.

It is however very ornate and beautiful and is available in many colors and styles. PVC has also been used to make great outdoor patio furniture. PVC makes for simple, durable and affordable patio furniture. Rattan has the more traditional look of patio furniture.

High quality rattan is very durable. Other types are resin, steel; which can last a life time, teak, wicker and wrought iron. With such a variety, you won't have any trouble finding a style and design to match your needs. Wood benches in your cottage garden blend in well. You can use them for sitting while admiring your handy work, allowing you to sit in your backyard and take in the smells and sights of your labor. There are also wooden benches that seat two.

These benches are perfect for a quiet chat in the backyard with a friend. There are many types and styles of wood benches to choose from. You choice of bench will be determined by its function. Garden wood benches are made out of many different types of wood. They can be made out of oak, pine or chestnut. Whatever wood the benches are made of, they need to be sturdy and resilient as well as being able to survive the elements.

Garden wood benches are also found in many styles, the standard backless bench, the planted bench, a love seat style bench, a Nantucket bench, Adirondack bench and the bench that wraps around a back yard tree. Whichever you choose, it will blend well in your cottage garden.

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