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Planting Bamboo The Right Way

Bamboo is regarded as such a hardy plant and it's uses are endless. From bamboo floors to bamboo blinds and home decoration, it's natures most versatile plant. But it can be vulnerable. For those of us who love to plant bamboo, there is a critical step which could be the difference in your plant flourishing or "checking out." This article will guide you through the correct process for either ground or pot planting. Did You Know? Your bamboo plant is most vulnerable at planting time.

This is when the extra maintenance you perform will lay the foundation for a healthy, thriving plant. Preparing The Site So you have located the position in which to plant. Preparing your plant is vitally important and you need to make sure you soak it in water for 10-12 hours in it's pot. Adding some fertiliser in moderate amounts is always good. Now you can prepare the site. Testing the spot selected for good drainage is simple.

Once you have dug your hole you can test the drainage levels simply by filling it with water. The water should disappear within 15 minutes. If it takes any longer then I'd suggest you look for another location as the area may be drainage ineffective. Planting The Bamboo Yes, the bamboo plant does have a reputation as being tough and durable but you need to take special care when removing it from the pot and placing it in it's new resting place. Careful nudging will loosen the bulk of the dirt covered root system from the pot and when removed, place it straight into the hole.

It's always a good idea to dig your hole a little deeper than required because it's recommended that the bamboo bulb sit a little below the soil level. While fixing your plant into place, adding new mix around the root bulb will ensure that it connects with the wall around it. Watering while easing the bamboo into place is highly recommended but do not over do the watering, just enough to keep it moist. With additional fertiliser on the top soil combined with keeping your bamboo moist until it takes root and starts developing fresh foliage, your plant is off and running. Bamboo, once established is extremely durable but keep making regular maintenance spot checks on it.

It will serve you for years to come. One more thing. before you plant your bamboo, check it's root system. If it's a runner, then you will need to prepare the plant's surrounding area to prevent it from taking over. But that's another article!.

Dean Caporella is a professional broadcaster. Planting bambooand planting it correctly is critical. For bamboo news and reviews visit: http://www.bamboogalore.com

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