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Are you serious about remodeling your kitchen? Remember a kitchen remodel is more than fresh paint. This is a project that requires a lot of consideration and planning. The kitchen is the center of almost all family activities.

It is the only room where so much can occur such as meal preparation, dining, homework, socializing, playing table games and more. Since the kitchen has so many functions it is important to carefully review how kitchen remodeling can better facilitate all these activities. Kitchen remodels are one of the most common updates done to all homes. Of course one reason for this is that the kitchen is so a hub of activity. Another reason is that statistics show that a kitchen remodel adds more value to a home than remodeling of any other room. However don't wait until you are planning to sell your home to remodel the kitchen.

Remodel your kitchen when it seems right to you. You will be adding value, but more importantly you will be able to enjoy the benefits of your new kitchen now. If you always have your eye on the overall value and marketability of your home you should stick with a contemporary style for your remodel. If your own pleasure is more important than choose something that pleases you, perhaps a French country style kitchen.

Maybe early American kitchen styles are your favorite. Do not eliminate any particular style until you have done your homework. Having an open mind to various kitchen styles will help you successfully find a style for you and your family. Researching and planning a new kitchen can be half the fun. Consider these points in your remodel: To function well, the refrigerator, the sink, and cook top each need to be surrounded with an adequate amount of floor and counter space. The refrigerator door needs a clear swing and, if possible, enough room for two people to reach in simultaneously.

The doors of any cabinets around the fridge should not conflict with its door. And the refrigerator also needs an 18-inch run of counter as a staging area for foods going into or coming out of it. Here some important considerations for your project. You must plan ahead. You should sketch up a plan and get some price ideas from your local super hardware store. Once you have these basic concepts and pricing ideas you can enlist an interior design professional to firm up your plans.

While you can truly remodel your kitchen as a do it yourselfer, if you have never taken on a project this large, do consider professional help such as an interior designer. Having this experienced person review your sketches may help you to improve your ideas as well as save you money on your kitchen remodel. These ideas should get your kitchen remodel off to a good start. After that it is up to you to follow through and make your remodel work!.

Jerry Cahill, author, publisher, and webmaster. To see some of his work visit Kitchen Remodeling

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