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In our busy hectic lives it can be all too easy to forget to send a greeting card to those we care about. It's not that we forget it entirely. We forget to remember to go fetch, go buy, go trawl. So instead of relying on your memory to get a card, why not do it when you get the thought? Do the unexpected thing and go send one when you think of it. It's so easy these days to send a card online that many of us just don't do it.

Some of us find it difficult, others find it impersonal. Whether you're an online or a bricks and mortar card sender isn't important - unless you want the recipient to have a paper card to stand on their desk. There are a number of ways that you can be impulsive with your card-giving. For email cards 1.

If you're an online fan then bookmark the best card sites. Make these ones that aren't just packed out with masses of choices, but those sites that you personally find easy to navigate. 2. Spend a bit of time going through the various sites seeing what they offer. 3.

Do they make it easy for you to complete your request? Any email card company worth its salt will offer some sort of membership program which will give you more flexibility and personalization. Remember, making it personal will always win over the rest. 4. Do they have a Reminder Service as part of the package so that you can be prompted to get that special card before the date arrives? If they don't then look elsewhere. These programs are a life-saver (if card-giving is one of your priorities).

Most prompt you a few days before the dates you've entered. 5. It's also possible to set up a reminder in Outlook. For paper cards 1. These days you aren't limited to bricks and mortar shopping for paper cards. A number of online companies will personalize and send your selected card for you.

You enter all the details and they do the rest - usually with a guaranteed next day delivery. It's worth spending a bit of time looking into these options, because depending on where you live, and your schedule, it isn't always possible to walk to the store, select, write and then post your card. There are so many other variables like the weather, have you got the address and a postage stamp! 2.

If you really do like walking around the mall or local shops then you probably know your favorite card shops, and their opening/closing times. That's very important if you're coming a distance or in a hurry. 3. Level of service is important too. I've been known to blacklist certain stores because of their rude, or indifferent customer service.

4. Being impulsive though isn't always easy when you've got to go fetch every time, so having your own store of cards to turn to is a great help. 5. Many companies sell boxed cards these days. I'm not talking of those individual padded cards but sets of say 6-15 note cards, often blank with front photographs or paintings for all occasions. Museums and Galleries are often a good source.

Look at postcard sets too. You can always buy a pack of sized envelopes to accompany them. 6.

If you keep a selection of such cards you will never be caught out again and you'll be able to send that thought when you get it. Sending a card unexpectedly shows that you aren't just limited by the main card giving events in our lives, but that you think of others at other times to. It shows your sensitivity to others' life experiences and reinforces your friendship and character.

It's often this unexpectedness that matters more than card giving at traditional events such as birthdays. We usually expect those, and yes, sometimes it can be hard to come up with something original. Of course there's always the possibility that our unexpectedness at giving cards to others may in time become almost part of what THEY expect from us. Motive is what matters - the reason why you decide to act on impulse to send that card with hand-written message. Acting on the thought is the thing that separates us from the rest.

It's easy to say we've thought of someone, but didn't have time to or couldn't get around to turning the thought into reality. Making it happen is the difference. It's the connection between showing that we had the thought and thinking enough of them to make the effort. Thinking of someone in our heads doesn't allow us to show them that we care.

Thinking of them with a card translates that into action. Subscribing to one of the options above can help you to develop your own unique style of card giving by sending a card when you get the thought. Go make someone's day and get them that greeting card you were thinking of!.

For all the latest news, trends and gadgets to make choosing, writing and sending your greeting cards as painless as possible go to http://www.greetingcardguide.com

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