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The Halo Sleep Sack for Babies Reasons Why Every Newborn Should Have One

Relatives and friends who have older babies (or grown children) always come across at least one item on a baby gift registry that makes them take pause. The latest breakthrough, whatever it is, leaves them scratching their heads, saying, "Why couldn't they have made this when my baby was little?" The object of much wonderment today is the Halo sleep sack for babies. This "newfangled" gadget is gaining a lot of praise in some serious circles for a host of good reasons. It's a favorite among parents and the source of a little "how come" envy from family members and friends who had to get by without all the perks it delivers. So, what is this Halo sleep sack and how does it work? The Halo sleep sack is nothing more than an ingeniously altered baby blanket.

Rather than a blanket that goes over her while she rests, the Halo sleep sack for baby is actually worn. Almost like a pillowcase or a form-fitting sleeping bag, this makeshift blanket is enclosed at the feet, but offers a comfortable opening for baby's arms and head. The buzz about the Halo sack is incredibly high. This is especially so as more and more doctors and government agencies warn about the dangers of loose fitting bedding in newborns' rooms.

With endorsements from some major parenting and prevention organizations, including the SIDS Alliance, the Halo sack makes a wonderful gift for friends and family to pick up for new little ones. If baby is yours, these also make great "peace of mind" presents for you to pick up for your own sanity, too. The benefits of the Halo sleep sack include: * Eliminates the need for any loose blankets in baby's crib. This is one of the top concerns for new parents. We all want our babies to be warm and comfortable enough, but the horror stories about blankets make that route a bad choice.

The Halo sleep sack solves the problem. * Reduces the risk of rebreathing. This happens when baby breathes back in carbon dioxide that's been exhaled. This particular phenomenon is thought to be responsible for a number of crib deaths. The sleep sack doesn't allow blankets or baby sleep wear to bunch up around a baby's face, which can create an ideal condition for rebreathing to occur.

* Increased chance of a good night's sleep. A lot of parents report their babies sleep better using a Halo sleep sack. Since these covers cannot come off, baby's temperature is better maintained throughout slumber. * Material choice. The 100 percent cotton, micro-fleece materials used in the sleep sack are designed for optimum breathing and also to meet flame-resistant standards set for by the United States government.

* Restricted movement. The design of the sleep sack makes it a little more difficult for baby to roll over. This is a particularly good thing for babies that are too young and underdeveloped to roll over and then roll back again. The Halo sleep sack offers a "wow factor" for parents whose children have passed the infant stage by months or even years. This product delivers a peace of mind that can help babies - and their parents - breathe easier at night.

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