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things you need to know about a stand by generator

The thought of owning your very own stand by generator seemed outrageous just a few years back. Only big companies and businesses needed stand by generators to supply electricity in case of an outage. No one would have ever thought that it would someday become an indispensable apparatus in the common household. Nowadays, it is all too common to own a stand by generator. Families just couldn't afford to go through yet another power outage. Important tasks might be delayed, their safety might be compromised and valuable information might get lost.

If you do not want to risk this happening to you, the only answer would be for you to get a stand by generator. What is a Stand by Generator? A stand by generator is a variation of the electric generator, and it is permanently installed. Just as with any electric generator, it is used to supply electricity in case of a power outage.

A stand by generator basically functions like your average appliance, like your air-conditioning unit, but maybe with a few differences. A stand by generator has an engine, rather than the electric motors of an AC unit. Obviously, when a power outage occurs, the electric motors of your AC cannot function, while the stand by generator can. Aside from this, a stand by generator has an automatic transfer switch instead of a thermostat, to monitor utility power. Once power goes out, the automatic transfer switch immediately turns the generator on - whether you're home or not - and continues to supple energy until electricity is restored.

Once power returns, the automatic transfer switch then turns off the generator. What makes stand by generators better than portable generators? Of course, everything depends on how you plan to use your generator. If you want it light and easy to carry around anywhere, you can go for a portable generator.

But if you want a generator that operates by itself and with no human intervention (no need for you to turn it on every time a power outage occurs), the stand by generator is for you. You don't need to carry a generator with you anywhere, don't need to fill up a gas tank, and don't need power cords to connect it. OK. Now I know what a stand by generator is.

What's the first step in choosing the right one? First, decide whether you want to power the whole house or just the important parts like your office, bedroom, or kitchen. If you want to be completely protected from a power outage, it is better for you to decide on a stand by generator that powers the whole house. However, stand by generators that power the entire house come in a hefty price tag. A 20-kilowatt liquid-cooled generator costs anywhere from $6,725 to $12,500. And this amount still does not include installation costs and the automatic transfer switch. For those who are on a tight budget, you can get a stand by generator that powers select circuits.

A typical select circuit generator can power 8-16 circuits and costs $1,999 to $3,850, already inclusive of the automatic transfer switch. Investing in a stand by generator is a wise decision. If you have the financial resources to power the whole house, go for it. And don't worry if you don't.

There are several ways available for you to revive as many parts of the house as possible.

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