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Tips For Feng Shui Decorating

Feng shui refers to the ancient Chinese belief that focuses on arrangement and placement of things on certain places. Though there are very few written documentation about the first existence of feng shui, it has survived time and tradition by oral communication and actual practice by the Chinese people. One might notice that several regulations are derived from common sense and intuition.

For example, a cluttered room or office is believed to imbibe bad feng shui, which, in actuality would really hinder productive work due to stress that might be a result of inability to find needed documents from a cluttered table. Literally meaning "wind and water" feng shui is not simply a style of decorating. Most feng shui practices coincide with various decorating or arrangement styles. In fact, a certain room that accommodates feng shui regulations is more visually attractive and well-coordinated than those that had not been subjected to its practices.

Arrangement of furniture or other materials are considered so as to allow the entrance and passage of "good energy" or chi. Good feng shui means that the arrangement coincides with nature. For example, the sink should not be placed beside the stove since the water (sink) puts out fire (stove), meaning one element overpowers the other. Below are 10 tips taking into consideration Feng Shui decorating principles: 1. If possible, before a purchase of any house or a property, the surrounding area must have the following "support". The first on the list is to look for a "Tortoise" behind the house.

This pertains to any man made or natural formation that generally gives a look of protection or support to the over-all structure of the area. A mountain, low trees and a simple fence may do. Still, all of these must not be higher than the house so as to obstruct sunlight. A "dragon" must be found on the left side. It would be better if it is higher that the front of the house. A simple fence or a tree might do for its place A "white tiger" should be on the right side of the house.

If it is higher than the "dragon", it would be good for the women of the house. If the "tiger" is lower than the "dragon", is good for the men. A "phoenix" should be in front, the best of which is a river or a circular flower bed. This may also be a tree or another house. Simply put, the stated four sides can be attributed to the four sides of a car, it should have 2 side doors, a rear and a low bumper to have a good view of the front lane.

All of which are designed to protect the person inside the car. 2. The garden at the back of the house should always be larger than the one at the front 3. Spiral staircases should be avoided. If it is already installed, the bad energy emanating from this can be toned down by placing a faceted crystal sphere. 4.

Overhead beams. In general, beams have the notion of carrying the weight of what it supports. Having a lot of beams inside the house (especially if it is exposed) may be the cause of many problems, according to feng shui.

Focal points such as beds, working table, children's study desk should not be directly under beams since this carry around a heaviness sort of feeling to the individual who works or rests under the area. 5. The general outlook of the whole area (land, plants and house structure) must be in good condition and is easy on the eyes. Good indications are healthy-looking plants and trees around the area and that the house is not so irregularly shaped (with lots of extension protruding from various sides). The usual square or rectangular shaped houuses are still always the best kinds.

6. "Poison arrows" that is directly in front or pointing to the house should be avoided. A good example is having a lamppost or telephone poles that are directly at the front of a house or is directly across the street of one's home.

To tone down the bad energy that comes from it, a Bagua mirror should be placed in the area where a poison arrow is directed. 7. Long narrow paths that lead to the front door must be avoided.

8. The front and back door should not be facing one another, that is, it should not be in a straight line. This allows the good energy to only pass through the house. 9. Additional structures that overpower the look of the house should be avoided. This includes swimming pool, gazebos and ponds.

10. Trees at the front of the house must not be higher than the highest point of the house. The ideal length of trees is 6 feet.

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