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Top Tips On Searching For The Best House Cleaners

Do you find that the pace of life has quickened over recent years? People seem to be busier than ever. Consequently the trend for home cleaning services has practically quadrupled over the past few years. People want cleaners to do the everyday mundane tasks for them. But letting someone into your home is a big risk. What about your valuables? Will they break your expensive ornaments? Can you trust your cleaner? Lets look at some top tips on how to go about finding the best cleaning service for you. 1.

Has your cleaner been police screened? You need to know if they have a criminal record - especially for theft. Have they got satisfactory references? Check up on these two points. Get in touch with their referees, they could be fake letters. 2. The cleaner should be insured for accidental damage.

What if they smash one of your china plates, or spill something on your carpet that won't come out? You need to cover the cost of these things. 3. Your cleaner should have a friendly approach, but not too friendly.

You often hear of cleaners spending most of their hourly rate drinking tea and talking. They should be friendly, but also professional and get on with their job. 4. The cheapest cleaner is not necessarily the best. It may be worth paying slightly higher rates to get the standard you deserve. 5.

Getting 'online' house cleaning prices is painless, anonymous and immediate. 6. Do you want weekly cleans? Or will fortnightly cleans suffice? Some people are happy with a total house-blitz every few months or so. Make sure your cleaner can tailor her cleans around your schedule.

7. Be aware that it is the norm to be charged a higher rate for your first clean. 8.

A house-cleaning checklist is a way to ensure that you get the things done and cleaned what you want. You may want things done and cleaned differently from one week to another. So by having your cleaner working to your checklist makes sense to get all your tasks completed.

9. Special house cleaning services are often available for larger jobs such as garage cleaning, post-moving or construction clean-up. 10.

Are you happy supplying the cleaning products or do you want your cleaners to bring and use their own? (which will be included in the price). There will be other factors to take into consideration when hiring a cleaner. However these tips should help you start your thinking process of what to look out for and what you actually want from your cleaner. Some cleaners market their services by boasting that they clean your home faster and more thoroughly than their competitors.

These claims are getting a bit thin on the ground for my liking. How many unique cleaning methods can there be? All you require is a good trustworthy cleaner who works hard and will have his/her own little routine to get things done to a certain standard - your standard!.

Author Toni Chainbridge can help you find the best house cleaners. Visit Toni's blog to learn the top house cleaning tips.

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